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“Spotlight On” Videos Get Your Message to Millions of PBS TV Viewers, Nationwide

Spotlight On Video

Would you like to build awareness, image and brand, reaching millions of educated and affluent PBS television viewers with your story? I can help.

As an Associate Producer for Spotlight On, I can put your 2-5 minute video on national TV, enabling you to tell a complete and compelling story that educates and informs.

Attract new customers, shareholders, employees, or just buzz. It’s more affordable than you might think!

Spotlight On: Concrete Reinforced Steel Video

Spotlight On topics run the gamut from food to fashion, health and science, to travel and animals … and everything in between! Click on the image to launch the story of rebar — a topic that might seem deathly dull, but watch how it was turned into a fascinating story. Now, imagine what we can do for you.

What is Spotlight On?

PBS Spotlight On program underwriters

A few of our past clients and underwriters.

Spotlight On videos are educational stories which air as filler in between main PBS programs, (e.g., Masterpiece, NOVA, Antiques Roadshow).

They’re entertaining and informative—not an overt commercial. And they’re the perfect showcase for a new technology, drug, philanthropic cause, travel destination, or virtually any informative message you’d like to convey.

Two Low Cost, All-Inclusive Packages

We can adapt an existing video you may have or custom produce a new story for you. Either way, your program is contractually guaranteed to air at least 500 times and be viewed by 3+ million PBS viewers, minimum.

Because it’s NOT pay-for-play, Spotlight On programs can air for months and even years and there’s never an up-charge, regardless of how many airings or viewers your show achieves.

Following a 3-month monitoring period, we provide a PBS Audit Report detailing your results — markets reached, prime time vs. non-prime time airings, and estimated viewership. Incidentally, on average, 40-60% of Spotlight On airings are in prime time.

Additional to the airings on TV, of course, the story is yours to use in any way you like to maximize your investment. We include a high-res compressed file, at no added charge, so you can add it to your website and social media channels. We even provide any B-roll footage we shot, so you can re-purpose it for other marketing initiatives.

Cash strapped? Many industry associations and non-profits team up with another organization or a corporate sponsor to underwrite the modest cost. We can seamlessly weave your sponsor into your story — a public relations WIN-WIN for you both.

Interested in learning more? Here’s a 5 minute story on global travel that was produced for Disney. Click the link, then sit back and enjoy.  Contact me for pricing and details.

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