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Portfolio – Integrated Communications Campaign – Brochures, Ads, Website

Re-Branding Under a New Corporate Umbrella

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Issues: New Brunswick Scientific (NBS) had been selling two freezer product lines and was about to introduce a third. Additionally, upgrades to the existing lines made them the most energy efficient in the industry. A product line re-launch was needed and, to complicate matters, NBS had been acquired by Eppendorf and this would be my first time applying Eppendorf’s complex corporate identity (CI) style standards to a New Brunswick product. The Product Manager had requested three new ads, one each on energy efficiency, quality, and service. He also requested a new brochure, web microsite with 360-degree product tour and model configurator, operating manuals, product labels and photography, and required them all in a four-month, go-to-market window. Further, the project had not been budgeted nor scheduled and fell on top of an already jam-packed marketing communications schedule.

Solution: I turned to two agencies, both experienced with Eppendorf standards, and asked them to bid on an all-or-nothing advertising-brochure-website project. Both agencies came up with elements we loved. One agency had several great website ideas and came up with the advertising headline: “New Benchmark. New Brunswick.” — but their visuals fell flat. The second agency came up with exciting graphics and offered several headlines with broad appeal. Rather than award the project to just one agency, as originally intended, I split the project between the agencies, awarded print to one and digital to the other. I purchased the “New Benchmark. New Brunswick.” headline and used it as the over-arching campaign tagline. And I had the agencies work together to share graphics and text.

Result: Together we produced three ads, two brochures (adding a second brochure for accessories), a web microsite, as well as manuals, on time, without sacrificing quality of the program or neglecting the other on-going departmental activities. The entire program was guided by my expertise in marketing, leadership, and project management. The results speak for themselves.

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