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About Suzy Kedzierski and Marketing Communication Ink, LLC

Some Shameless Self-Promotion  

I am a writer at heart and an artist dabbler who had the very good fortune to fall into a career in marketing communications right out of school, despite a professor who once advised: “If you can’t draw, forget about advertising.”

In fact, I can’t draw; but fortunately, ignored his advice, and here I am, still doing what I love.

For 20-some years, I was the marketing communications manager for a leading manufacturer of life science lab equipment.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I lived and breathed my work, often putting in 12 or more hours a day.

Why? First, because no matter what, I always strive to do my best. Beyond that, I always thought I had the best job in the company. After all, I got to conceive, produce and implement the fun stuff:

  • Ads
  • Brochures
  • Trade shows
  • Publicity, PR and tech articles
  • Direct mail and newsletters
  • Web and online programs
  • Premiums and promotions
  • Slogans, signage, you name it.

Why else did I love my job?

  • I worked with a lot of great people, and headed a department of five
  • Although we had a few agencies, it was very much hands on
  • I impacted bottom line growth – helping to increase sales 3 fold
  • My abilities and my work were respected throughout the company
  • And, I felt pride in the knowledge that our equipment was respected worldwide and was used to do good for the world.

There was endless variety, as I:

  • Promoted 10 distinct product lines
  • Supported a global direct sales force, subsidiaries and distributors
  • Influenced branding, from company colors to product design
  • Assisted with internal and stockholder relations
  • Supervised creation and implementation of a new corporate identity standard (CI)
  • Oversaw technical articles and operating manuals
  • Handled budgeting, contract negotiations, agency selection, hiring, supervising and mentoring
  • And, after we were acquired, assisted in transitioning from two companies to one.

That’s the kind of experience you just can’t learn in a book. And I can put it to use on your next project.

My Services Today 

Ebook on Amazon by Suzy Kedzierski

My new Ebook – 10% of proceeds will be donated to Habitat for Humanity

After earning a Mini-MBA in digital marketing to round out my skills, I now:

  • Help B2B and B2C businesses and non-profits with their communications needs – both traditional and digital
  • Develop partnership opportunities for Spotlight On programs, airing on PBS affiliates nationwide
  • Volunteer my time and expertise to causes I care about, most recently helping to more than double the funds raised to provide PTSD counseling to military and first responders
  • Blog on marketing, business, and careers –
  • And help others overcome their fear of public speaking through my Ebook, “10 Secrets to Powerful Public Speaking.” (BTW – did you know, you don’t need any kind of special device to read Ebooks – a regular old computer, laptop, tablet, etc. will work!) 

Client List

B2B clients included NXL Performance Marketing, Eppendorf Inc., Walther Electric, Sofame Technologies, Aptagen, CK Kerley, Pranses Research, and Trivue Entertainment. The projects are always interesting and diverse, and range from writing PR, newsletters, web content, white papers, case histories, travel brochures, mailers, and humorous campaign sales flyers, to editing thought leadership papers and poorly translated text. Additionally, I’ve interviewed participants in open-ended market research studies, proofread books, as well as worked on biz development.

Unique Strengths

I offer a unique combination of creativity, energy, common sense and experience, dedication, tenacity, detail and goal orientation, flexibility, and good humor, as well as the ability to write complex messages with clarity. My colleagues tend to agree … nothing says more about me, or my work, than the fact that former colleagues and vendors routinely recommend me to their clients. Here are just a few of their comments:

I was always impressed by your unwavering ability to review and then
re-review documents over and over, fine tuning and improving them
each time they passed your desk.

~ Rich Mirro, Executive Director Portfolio Management Bioprocess at New Brunswick Scientific, an Eppendorf Company

You are indefatigably creative … Some would call you a perfectionist; but in your case this driven desire is to do the best possible work … to achieve the best possible results.
~ EJ Emerson, Technical Writer at New Brunswick Scientific, an Eppendorf Company

You treat the companies you work for as if they were your own. When you bought from me, you purchased like it was your money, not someone else’s. 
~ Matthew McClosky, Director of Sales at American Laboratory /

 Your unique strengths included managing multiple projects without compromising quality and meeting deadlines without fail.
~ Billl Dunne, V.P., Bioprocess Sales at Eppendorf Inc.

I could count on Suzy to deliver timely, accurate product information that served to gain increased attention against her company’s competitors. Her effective writing skills permitted me to publish PR that was appropriate to the rapid changing trends in life sciences and advance the business values of New Brunswick. Her teamwork, personal enthusiasm, work ethic, and dedication to corporate goals are skills that will benefit any company.
~ David Ruler, Sales Manager at VertMarkets Inc.

If you’re looking to hire an experienced Marketing Communications consultant for your next project, we should talk. Drop me an email at: info @ mcomink dot com or use the convenient Contact form.

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