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White paper: Synthetic Antibodies: The Emerging Field of Aptamers

Content Marketing Samples by Suzy Kedzierski, Marketing Communications Ink

Issue: Despite the fact that chemically-sequenced DNA strands, known as “aptamers,” were discovered some 20 years ago, the biotech industry has not fully embraced the technology.

Solution: I suggested writing an educational white paper to explain the many benefits of aptamers, researched and wrote the article, and arranged for placement in a leading life sciences publication.

Result: The result was a clearly written paper, easily understood by lab techs in the trenches as well as CEOs who can direct R&D efforts to take a new path. I negotiated rights to the reprint so it could be used in multiple ways:

  • as a sales tool
  • posted on the company website as a means of collecting contact info
  • and promoted through press releases and newsletters.

Immediate results included an opportunity to quote on over a dozen new client projects. Click this post title, “White paper: Synthetic Antibodies…” to read the full paper.

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