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Portfolio – Advertising I

Print Advertising for Lab Fermentors

SIP Fermentor AdvertisementIssue: New Brunswick Scientific was launching a new fermentor that was sterilizable-in-place (SIP)—eliminating the need to drag a heavy vessel in and out of an autoclave. Although SIP fermentors were in existence, this was the first in the industry that didn’t require a laboratory steam source to use the sterilization feature.

Solution: At a time when interest in personal fitness was at an all-time high, I wrote the ad headline, “If You’re Into Heavy Lifting, Go to the Gym” and a subhead, “Introducing the BioFlo 410 sterilizable in place fermentor with built-in steam supply.”  It was s complete departure from the standard, staid headlines used at the time.

Result: The ad was an attention getter, consistently rated by Genetic Engineering News as #1 in its lab products category for readership, memorability, and believability. A few years later, when the next-gen model was launched, I came up with the ad shown above, headlined: “Sterilizable-In-Place Convenience. No Steam? No Problem.

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