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Portfolio – Editing I

Editing “Innovation Through Mobile” Thought Leadership Ebook

Issue: Digital marketing thought leader, speaker and educator Christina, “CK” Kerley needed a fresh set of eyes to review and edit her thought leadership Ebook Innovation Through Mobile.

Mobile Marketing Innovation Ebook, by CK Kerley

Solution: I suggested revisions to several sections for added clarity, helped create compelling headlines to draw in the reader, and recommended multiple tweaks for improved readability. Most importantly, I recommended addition of a summary section to recap the take-away messages. Additionally, CK’s non-stop work style and mine, meant that we exchanged several emails late at night—it was not uncommon to be sending ideas back and forth at 11 PM, midnight, and 1 am. Working as a freelancer, as I was able to respond to her needs on her schedule, at the exact time she needed help.

Result: This paper appeared in MarketingProfs as a 6-part feature article, and has been downloaded nearly 1000 times. Moreover, my advice was so well received, I was brought in to update her next project – a website re-launch – which now can be seen at

Due to it’s length and long loading time, I’ve enclosed through page 7 of the 25-page Ebook here, however you can request a free copy of the complete paper at

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