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Portfolio – White Paper II

White Paper – An Update on the Use of Fibra-Cel Disks for Cell Culture

Issue: Each year, Bioprocess International publishes an Industry Yearbook, allowing manufacturers to explain a new product or technology in a semi-commercial format. New Brunswick Scientific had planned a cell culture bioreactor article, and was relying on building the paper around customer data—which for a variety of reasons was unable to come through in time for publication—and I’d already obtained two deadline extensions.

White paper presenting commercial content

White paper presenting commercial content

Solution: With no new products or data to report on, and just three days to whip something together, the Product Manager and I came up with a plan to do an updater to recap new developments and applications for a unique product that had been introduced ten years earlier. We enlisted the help of a colleague to scour the research and together we produced “An Update on the Advantages of Fibra-Cel Disks for Cell Culture.”

Result: Short-range, by positioning an older technology as “time tested,” we were able to report on it again in a news-worthy manner, renew product interest, make publication deadline, and produce a new sales tool for our reps. Long-range, it helped set the stage for introducing a new single-use bioreactor a few months later, which used the same disk-bed technology.

To read the full article, click: An Update on the Advantages of Fibra-Cel Disks for Cell Culture.

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