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Portfolio – Editing II – Translations

Translation Editing — Making Sense of the Words

Press release rewritten to polish up foreign translationsIssue: US-based Eppendorf Inc. hired its corporate headquarters’ PR firm in Germany to create a series of press release statements to explain the recent mergers of three companies into one, and discuss the multiple new bioprocess technologies it could now offer. However, the resulting German-to-English translations didn’t quite hit the mark from either a technical standpoint nor how the words sounded to an American ear. And, the PR lacked the historical perspective that, having worked in the industry for many years, I could easily add.

Solution: I was hired to review and edit the PR.

Result: To the great relief of everyone involved, I was able to quickly polish it up, drawing from my extensive scientific background and knowledge of the industry. Much of the PR required small tweaks. Sometimes it’s the little things, like changing “Added Value Through Combination” to “Added Value Through Synergy.”

In other cases, as in the short excerpt at right, I completely rewrote the section, expanding and clarifying the story of how Eppendorf positioned themselves as leaders in the bioprocess market in the span of just a few short years. The resulting paragraphs have been published and re-used many times across numerous publications, website ads, and print media. Click here or on the image to view.

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