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Vic Dunaway & Rick Ryals Baits, Rigs & Tackle

Baits, Rigs & Tackle

Issue: This publisher needed a proofreader to lend a fresh eye to reviewing their perennial best-selling fishing “how-to” guide — which was newly updated and about to go into it’s 5th edition print run. The issue was finding a proofreader willing to take on the project on Dec. 26 and capable of project delivery by Jan. 7.

Solution: With its striking graphics, easy-to-follow instructions and comprehensive coverage of all things related to baits, rods and rigs, it’s easy to see why this fishing guide has enjoyed staying power over the past three decades. Overall the 286-page book was free of typos, yet inconsistencies in language and spelling had crept in through many years of updating. My solution? Check all terminology by using the “Find and Replace” feature in the PDF file, ensuring consistency throughout. Keep a critical eye for even the smallest detail — including broken type — a carry-over from when the book was first typeset using pasteboards and galleys. And while it was beyond the scope of the original project, I added to the corporate style guide to document preferred spelling of terms, edited a few sentences for greater clarity, and even suggested future addition of a glossary to define the many technical terms that may be unfamiliar to a novice fisherman. Then, delivered the marked-up proofs a day ahead of schedule.

Result: The publisher wrote: Great corrections and improvements. You’ve done a great job straightening out inconsistencies. You’ve been very professional, efficient and super thorough. No way could I have been that exacting after working on so many aspects of the book myself – we needed an outside eye. Thanks for your hard work. I’ll be sure to present you with any other project opportunities.

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