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Portfolio – Direct Mail Campaign

A Very “Cool” Direct Mail Printed Piece with Holographic Art

Issue: This company was a new-comer in the US freezer market, but had two things going for it. The “New Brunswick Scientific” name—well known for dependable lab products. And, a unique freezer offering— a “personal-size freezer” that could be used as an entré to discuss the other models in the line. A key advantage of this space-efficient model was that it eliminated the need to store samples in a shared freezer—which is normally located in a public hallway.

Solution: I conceptualized, wrote, and produced a unique mail piece focused on the personal-sized freezer. I embellished the envelope with an image from the complementary print ad, to pique interest in opening the mailer. Inside, the square-shaped mail piece featured four flaps that could be lifted, one at a time, to display four separate messages, and the final flap revealed a coffee-mug coaster with a holographic image using the same artwork. A BRC made it easy to request a brochure by mail, or an in-person sales rep visit—which promised hand-delivery of a matching coffee mug as their reward.

Result: We received hundreds of responses and over 200 requests for an in-person sales call. The mail piece, our one-and-only awards entry ever, took the Diamond award at the NY Ad Club for best direct mailer.

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