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Direct Mail – Fundraising Letter

Direct Mail Fundraising Letter (email)

Fundraising direct mailer to current members of PSGCNJ

Issue: Professional Services Group of Central New Jersey (PSGCNJ) is a self-run, non-profit whose mission is to help unemployed and under-employed professionals land back in the workforce. Comprised entirely of volunteers, and reliant on donations to cover operating expenses, the group planned a direct mail to raise 2014 funding. Two letters were drafted by committee—one aimed at current members and one written for now-employed past members. I was asked to review the letters, and soon realized they were passable, but lacked any emotional appeal or call to action.

Solution: I rewrote both letters, adding in the missing elements and pizzaz.

Result: The letters were greatly improved, and the organization is now ahead by several hundred dollars. (Unfortunately, sometimes timing is everything. I’m certain response would have been even better had the mailings not been sent out immediately following the Philippines hurricane and just weeks before the Christmas holidays which, more than likely, impacted negatively on our fundraising abilities. A second mail blast is planned for later in the year.)

Click the image to read the letter aimed at unemployed, current members.

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